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Who we are ?

Passionate animal lovers, we always lived with several cats and dogs. We are originally from Quebec Canada and now live in Missouri since 2019, so your kitten speak French  !!!

The price of a Caresse Coon kitten ?

The price varies from kitten to kitten. It depends on its color, its physical characteristics as each kitten is unique it varies between 2000 - 2500

Rebate for 2  (500 less ) or repeat buyer 

Do you sell for breeding and show ?

What's included ?

The general answer is NO but this is a possibility if the person already owns a cattery and share the values that we bring to our cats. However, not all cats have the required qualities and can not guarantee their success

Kittens reservation and departure ?

-No waiting list (first come first served)

-Reservation deposit  is 350

-I am not taking any reservation before 6-8 weeks old

-Kittens departure 12-14 weeks or more if need

-You are welcome home to pickup your kitten

-Free delivery within 150 miles, possibility of more to discuss

-If you need transport I have recommendation for courier

-I reserve the right to place the kitten in the family that I think is the most suitable for him

-Two rounds of their vaccination 



-Health guarantee two years and 30 days insurance Trupanion

-Proof that parents of your kitten are healthy for HCM, SMA, PKDef, PKD

-Tica breeder slip

-Package with food and toys

-Signing of contract agreement of both parties

More questions ?

If you have any further questions you are welcome. I like to chat with people and get to know you

What we use ?

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